Saturday, March 31, 2012

Keep Listening

Good morning all.
This morning I wanted to share with you something I created for Courtney's class Scrapbooking your faith. I've been taking a Lenten study at my church. The lesson that stuck out most for me was "keep listening." Now my friends would say I'm a great listener, my sister Patti would tell you she is surprised by how much I know about people that I've never shared and that they don't even know I know. But when it comes to GOD, I'm not always a good listener. That is because sometimes it's not always what I want to hear (no, you can't have that right now), sometimes I have a hard time believing it is true (I have a fear that I'll be an old maid who hoards and has more than a dozen cats - that I'll never be a wife or mom, but my family has huge faith that this will not happen to me - first of all I hate cats and second they are not telling me this to be nice, they mean it)  and sometimes the other voices are way louder (you let us down, you are not enough).   
Courtney wanted us to create something to put on our walls to remind us of a lesson we have learned but often need reminding off. "Keep listening" is my lesson. It's funny how things fit together perfectly as if they were made to go together.
Here is the canvas I made for my living room;
The bird idea I borrowed from Brave Girls.. Melody always uses a bird as her Truthteller and encourages us to use it too. The butterfly image was left over from Brave Girls, Body Restoration printouts (I would not claim that as my own). This is the lesson I learned this Lenten season and I'm so glad I learned it. Now I just need to remember it. :)
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