Monday, May 14, 2012

My journey through SR2 - Week 4

Hi everyone, here is week four's instalment of Soul Restoration 2 by Brave Girls.
Week four focused on identifying our road blocks/landmines that keep us from completing our goals.  I have a lot of them.
My landmines.

I wont go over all of them but here are a few:
Feeling guilty for sacrificing other things to work on this goal - in order to work on some of these goals, that will mean that my house will not always be tidy, laundry wont always be put away, my lawn will be cut but might not always be weeded and I'll have to say no to other activities, this is hard for me because I want to be able to do everything.

Paralyze myself thinking about my fears - goals can be really scary sometimes and not just that but they can be very overwhelming. Like my garden for example; It's huge, so that's why I only picked a small part to start with. I've learned that sometimes the most scary things are the most worth it.

Get discouraged when a few amazing days are followed by crappy days. I ask myself, what's the point? - Like last week, I had an amazing weekend and then last week sucked, I was sick and spent most of it on the couch. But I have to remember that that's the way it goes sometimes.

Get lost on the computer or television - I love TV. I can almost always find something on and if not, I've got DVDs I can watch. I'm glad that the regular TV season is almost over. I don't revolve myself around TV as much as I use to and have learned that if I'm resorting to talk shows or reality TV then I need to go and do something else. The computer can be bad too, I waste a lot of time on it. It got better when I moved into my house and the computer was moved into the spare room and not in the living room anymore. I'm trying hard to limit my time on it and it's almost always turned off by 8 in the evening.

So those are a few of my landmines and now that I have identified what they are, it will be easier to stop them from happening. It's also comforting to know that I'm not alone, others have these same landmines as me.

I feel like we have done soooo much work in this class already, I'm looking forward to what Melody has in store for the next two weeks!

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day!

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