Friday, December 10, 2010

Pencil Lines - 216- Bold

So I used this sketch from Pencil Lines for more garden pics. I'm finding with my book about my garden that sketches are really the way to go, they really help keep each page fresh.
I actually never intended to make this LO last night. I planned an evening in front of the TV after being out Christmas shopping and then choir. It's funny how inspiration just appears.

I should probably explain the fairy. She was made from a kit by KLUTZ that I got for Christmas one year when I was in college. Apparently my mom knew I needed a creative outlet when I was in nursing school. Anyway the kit has been pack in my "craft" box for years until I bought my house and had a shelf to put my craft stuff on. When I saw this sketch, I thought a little fairy might be a great embellishment. I think she adds some whimsy to the page, which is what I feel like sometimes when I'm in my garden.

Thanks for looking!

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