Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top Ten Punta Cana

Hello all! It's Tuesday so I thought I would play Ten on Tuesday with Kim over @ It's a Crafty Life and use my top ten Punta Cana pics. I've collected many pics from this trip but these are just the ones that I toke that I really liked or loved the story behind them.

But first some background. The groom Darryl and I went to elementary school together until grade 9. We didn't exactly run in the same crowd but got along well enough. He was more popular than me, but then again everyone was. And aside from a period in time when his best friend Ferg called me toad b/c I had freckles (actually he called me toad b/c he liked me, Darryl later told me and he later confirmed), he was always nice to me. Anyway I moved after grade 9 and met Jenn in high school. We didn't really become friends until college when we went to nursing school together for awhile. She was lots of fun to be with. When she left school we kinda lost touch and then when school was over I moved back to the town I grew up in to work. About two or three years ago, I ran into Jenn @ the grocery store. She had followed a boy here and was working as a vet tec in the area. It was nice to see her but I'm terrible at follow thru and didn't give her my number or anything. Then about 6 months later I was @ the Boot having lunch after church with my grandma and a few other ladies when I saw her with Darryl. I wasn't 100% sure it was her, partly b/c she was with Darryl, so I didn't go over to say hello. Determined not to let another potental friend slip away, I looked her up on Facebook and sent her a message..."Hey I think I saw you...blah, blah." She wrote back confirming that I did and that her boyfriend had told her we went to school together. She thought that was amazing! A few weeks later she invited me to Ferg's Buck and Doe and we've been friends ever since. In fact until last summer they lived right down the street from me, they moved b/c Darryl is in the military. I think it's pretty cool that I got to go to their wedding. Here are my top ten pictures from my trip.

This is Jenn, I love this picture of her b/c she toke it herself. I didn't even know that she had until a few days later.
I like this picture b/c of the story behind it. Out front of the hotel there was a pond with flamingos in it. One more while hanging out with Dave and Matt, I said I wanted to take a picture of the flamingos. Dave said "Yeah, I'd like a picture of the penguins too." Penguins?? Well that slip of the tongue carried on for the rest of the trip. Soon our whole group knew about it. And Dave never heard the end of it. :)
Yes the water is actually that blue.
This is the view of the ocean from the wedding site.

I don't claim to be a photographer. When I get it right, it's often by accident. I love this picture of Lisa, the groom's sister-in-law
and matron of honour. I think she looks so beautiful.
Like the movie 27 dresses, the moment when the groom sees the bride is the best moment of all.
The wedding party was uneven so Ferg and Biscuit were each others dates.

 Jenn's Aunt Nancy and I distracted Darryl's nephew with sand castles while pictures were being taken. Love the green of that hat.
 The happy couple, out to dinner a few nights later.
Micheal isn't dead he's alive and living in Punta Cana!! Actually this was the MJ from their Micheal Jackson show. Freaky isn't it? You should have seen him dance!

That's all for now, thanks for stopping by. Ciao amigos!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Hi!!! I'm home from my vacation in Punta Cana. The weather was wonderful. I met some awesome new friends and Darryl and Jenny's wedding was perfect! There will be more photos and some stories to follow I promise, once my computer decides to be co-operative.
Ciao for now.