Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Soul Restoration May 2018

Hi friends!

Today I want to share a little bit about the Soul Restoration Retreat I held at Summer House Park on Miller Lake this past spring. I first want to say that Summer House Park is amazing!! They are a family run campground and resort and it shows. They sure do make you feel like family. Darcey and all her staff made myself and my guests feel so cared for. We had all our meals at the CafĂ© and I have to tell you, we did not go away hungry.  We stayed in a cute little cottage and I was able to hold our classes in their recreation hall, which had a fully functional kitchen, had we wanted to use it. Surrounded by nature we truly were able to 'go where the peace is."

Photo credit Julie Thornton Terrill

Photo credit Julie Thornton Terrill

Soul Restoration is a course created by my friend Melody from Brave Living and is full of creative goodness, deep soul work, ample quiet time and fellowship with women. If you have read my blog before, you know how much this course has grown me and continues to grow me.

Truth cards created my me. Photo credit Julie Thornton Terrill
Along with my friend Julie, we had the pleasure of pampering a woman that I have known for a long time. We were a small group and honestly that was a huge blessing. It relieved a lot of stress and I was able to truly share the Soul Restoration experience and keep things simple because I knew that my guest has loved me for a long time and I did not have to prove anything to her. I was really able to make it about her and her restoration. And Julie, she sent me a message last fall when she heard I was planning on holding a retreat and offered to help. I think I almost cried. Something, I learned through this whole thing, is when you start living your truth, other people want to help you. I was so blessed to have Julie.

The wonderful thing about spring in Grey/Bruce county is that every day the nature around you changes. I have taken that for granted but Julie (who is from Arizona) reminded me how amazing it is. We watched an apple tree go from tiny buds to in bloom over the course of a few days. It occurs to me that Soul Restoration and soul work in general is much like that. While we were transforming, so was that beautiful tree.

Photo credit Julie Thornton Terrill

Photo credit Julie Thornton Terrill
Photo credit Julie Thornton Terrill
  The benefit of having a small group is I was also able to participate in all the activities and subsequently complete Soul Restoration again, Julie too. So as we watch our guest transform, so did we. It does not matter how many times you take Soul Restoration, another layer gets peeled off every time.

It was such a good time that I'm already planning my next one. Tentative date is May 21 - 25. For more info you can email me hello@wildflowersouls.ca And watch my website. I'm hoping registration will be open Oct or Nov.

Thank you for stopping by. All photos by Julie from http://jthorntonphotos.com/

Photo credit Julie Thornton Terrill

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wildflower Souls

Friends, I'm so excited to present my new logo to you today! My amazing sister Patti MacKinnon of designamyte created my logo for me. She is particularly skilled at topography, so I urge to check her out if you are looking for something like that.

I just love it. Freedom and whimsy. I think I'll put this on EVERYTHING, you've been warned.