Tuesday, December 5, 2017

2018 a vision

Hello friends,
Last week I was encouraged by my coach to share my 2018 vision with the universe. I chose to do a FB live on my personal page last week. I was so nervous that I forgot to share much of what I wanted to share. So I decided, I'd also share my vision here on my blog.
A great way to declare a vision is to speak as if you have already achieved the vision you are declaring. So, if you ask me at the end of 2018 how my new business venture went, this is what I'll say.

2018 was amazing!! I've created and grown Wildflower Souls into a safe space for women to reconnect with their one true soul. My sister Patti, created an amazing logo for me. It completely embodies everything Wildflower Souls is. She, along with my bestfriend and IT guy, Andre have created a beautiful website for me. I've learned how to use MailChimp to send beautiful and joyful newsletters to my growing email list.
I've held 6 free SoulBook gatherings in my home this year. Sarah, from Her Wellness downtown has also provided rental space for me and I have held 4 other Brave Girl workshops there. Even women I have never met have joined me. Every women who joined me in these gatherings and workshops have left with a renewed self love and a taste of what Soul Restoration is. Many are telling me that they now feel as if they have enough love to also give to our community.
My May retreat, held at Summer Park House on Miller Lake, sold out. In fact, there was more interest than I had expected. It was exactly what I hoped for. Darci and her amazing staff helped me and my helpers create an AMAZING retreat space. The peace and calm of the lake feeling our souls. My 10 guests walked away with renewed love for themselves and others. We celebrated our sameness. We created pretty personal art. The women learned that their story matters. The women realized that they are beautiful souls that are still learning, they realized that the women next to them are beautiful souls who are still learning. They gave each other an abundance of grace cards. My women discovered that no matter what age they are, they are still becoming. They still have dreams and hopes and those dreams and hopes matter. I witnessed miracles. Darci and I are already planning for 2019. 
I learned a lot about being a leader. I learned to plan big and small events. I learned how to make a budget for those events, which lead me to making a budget for myself. WHAT!? I had a lot of help this year. The more I showed up for this big dream, the more the people I loved showed up to help me. I created connection this year. And I can't wait to see what I create in 2019!!

So there you have it folks, this is what my 2018 will look like.