Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bridesmaids - Creative Scrappers - 178

And another from Creative Scrappers

At April's wedding her sister Vicki and our friend Jenn made very beautiful bridesmaids. I'm pleased with how this LO turned out b/c it was the first time that I had used paint on a LO. Taking Soul Restoration 1 by Brave Girls Club has really inspired me to take a few more risks with my scrap booking and not always worrying about being perfect. For this LO the risk was worth it.

Together - Creative Scrappers

Here's one from Creative Scrappers

This summer my cousin Roo got married. I love love how this LO turned out. I love the colours. The picture is actually their thank you card, which I thought was a great idea.

The Last - Pencil lines 255

Here's another one from Pencil lines

The LO is called "The Last" because the bride, my friend April is the last one of our middle school friends to get married. Well technically I'll be the last once I do get married but until then, she is the last.

Soak up the sun - Pencil lines 254

Over the last couple weeks I've been working on some LO's. Here is one from Pencil lines

This summer I had a couple of awesome beach days with my bestfriend Liz. We even managed to get into the water a couple of times.