Monday, June 18, 2012

In memory

Last September my Step father Denis passed away. It was sudden and it was awful but it could have been a lot worse, he could have suffered longer than he did. This lead to my brother Dan and I going to France to be with our mom. Both of us had been to France before and had always wanted to go back but never thought this would be how we would get back there and together no less. When I got home there were cards in the mail box and one of them was from the girls participating in social fund on the unit I work on. They gifted me a gift certificate to a local nursery. I decided, that in the spring I would take my mom out to the nursery and we would pick a tree to plant in my yard in memory of Denis. I wanted a magnolia. These trees can be pricey, so my mom and grandmother decided to pay the difference for my birthday. Finally a week ago Saturday my mom and I went to pick out the tree. This tree called to me right away "take me home."
That evening I dug a hole and planted the tree. Digging the hole wasn't too bad, until I hit rock....solid rock. I did manage to get the hole big enough and I planted the tree (I'll add that my legs hurt so bad the next day, it was hard to walk).  I'm so happy with my little tree, I've planted it in front of the living room window, so I can enjoy it even when I'm inside. I can see it perfectly from my favourite place on the couch while I watch the DVD of the week (currently obsessed with Heartland).
In other news, I got a new cousin yesterday, that I can't wait to snuggle. And my box of Brave Girls goodies arrived...with chocolate (and it wasn't even melted). I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday so far!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Photo shoot.

Hey all,
About a month ago I had the amazing pleasure to have some professional photos done by Julia Busato. Please check out her web site and look her up on Facebook.
These photos were intended to celebrate who I am now. I'll never be in this place again, as humans we are constantly changing. I may not be exactly where I thought I would be at 31 years old but I've learned that I'm exactly where I'm suppose to be. Everything else that I might want, will come when the time is right.

Having these photos taken was a life changing experience. I usually consider myself as plain. My beauty comes from the inside. These photos opened my eyes to how the world really sees me (at least those who matter). My sister Patti says that Julia captured my inner beauty perfectly. I think she did too.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Faith Fridays - Counting my blessings

This weeks faith Friday prompt from Courtney Walsh, over @ Telling stories was to document your blessings.
I am a contradiction; I'm an optimist but I also worry a lot. I sometimes tend to focus on what I don't have. I think this is very true of society as a whole, always wanting more, always wanting to do better and we forget about the amazing stuff that is standing right in front of us.
After a wonderful weekend spent at two showers for my sister Patti, hanging out with my niece, a long car ride with Katie, chats with my brother Dan and meeting alot of new people (which btw I really struggle with meeting new people, I always feel so awkward), this LO was really easy for me. One of my biggest blessing is my family and I know Patti, Dan and Katie would say the same thing. Whether that family is the one we were born into or the one we choose.

These are my blessing in no particular order;
A sister in law who speaks her mind.
The chance to travel.
A profession that will allow me many opportunities.
A sister who was my first friend.
Women to women relationships with my Nana and Grandma.
A sister who is more fearless than anyone gives her credit for.
A very special niece and goddaughter.
A huge extended family.
A few very good friends.
A mother who is my biggest fan.
The gift of music.
A brother who is a calm cool head just when it is needed.
A strong father.
A brother in law who has loved me and annoyed me like my own brothers.
A home to call my own, in a town that I love.
A brother I wasn't sure I wanted but that GOD knew I needed.
A GOD who knows me by name.

These are alot of things to be thankful for and that is only the half of it...there are many many more.

Well, I better run. I've got pies to bake for the church BBQ and I better check to see if Dad needs any help installing my new tub surround.
Thanks for stopping by!