Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Ten fun stuff I did on May 2-4 weekend.

Today I decided to play along with Kim over @ It's a Crafty Life and her Ten on Tuesday linky party. In Canada this past weekend was a holiday weekend. So I decided to share the Top Ten Fun things I did this weekend.

1. My friend Fez came over with her hubby and their daughter Miranda. While her parents were busy, Miranda and I played in my yard. It was so nice to have a little person running in my grass.

2. I got so dizzy I thought I was going to yak playing on the playground equipment @ the park with Miranda. Normally I hate being dizzy but it was nice to be dizzy b/c I was having fun and not b/c I had a migraine.

3. On the advice of a co-worker I bought a weed remover by Fiskars . Yep, the same people who make craft punches and scissors. It might take me all summer to pull the dandelions in my lawn but I will do it.
Weed Remover
4. I cleaned the outside windows to my bedroom and the spare room with this product from Windex . It's perfect for just out of reach windows and was so easy to use.

5. I discovered that the living room windows flip open on the inside, making them really easy to clean. So I cleaned them too. Okay so it only took me a year and a half to figure that out. :)

6. My cousin Roo got married and their first dance was "Give in to me" from the movie Country Strong. It was perfect and I cried.

7. My cousin Sean, the grooms brother and best man, gave the best speech. I loved that he included Roo's love of He-man as a boy b/c I remember it well. Patti and I loved She-Ra during that time. We loved them so much that for Hallowe'en one year my mom and Uncle Mat dressed up as He-Man and She-Ra and surprised us.

8. Dancing to John Cougar with my mom, Uncle Mat, siblings and cousins.

9. Dancing to "Don't Stop Believin' with most of my siblings and most of my cousins. We knew all the words. Thanks Glee!

10. Cuddles and smiles with Lexi.

I'm sad to see the weekend go. Back to it tomorrow.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I should have cut the grass....

I should have cut the grass when the rain stopped and before it started up again but instead I played along with Ella and scrapbooked this page for my Punta Cana album.

Hopefully it doesn't rain tomorrow so I can cut the grass or it will have to wait for the weekend.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pencil Lines. 239. Alexis Victoria

Hi everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying their May 2-4 long weekend. The unofficial kick off to summer. The weather has certainly been great! Yesterday my cousin Roo got married. It was so fun to have all the cousins together. One of the best moments was when a bunch of us danced to "Don't stop believin'". Uncle Mat got some good pictures and I can't wait to see them. Anyway welcome Laura to our family, it might be a bit crazy but it is full of love and we will always have your back!

Anyway back to the reason for this post. Today http://www.pencillines.com/ posted this sketch
It was perfect for a LO about my new niece. I loved the LO so much, I framed it and hung it on my wall.
This photo was from her newborn photo shoot. The photo was taken by our friend Becky, Heritage Photography she specializes in natural light photography. Her photos are beautiful.
Well, that's all for now. I think I might read for awhile.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Church, school and scrapbooking.

Yesterday was a busy day for me. An emotionally draining day, although I didn't realize it until I got home yesterday afternoon.

It started early off early @ my church for a..... conference I guess you could call it. Two of the United Churches in my town are in talks together with the intent to amalgamate, so this has gotten us thinking about our future and what we need to do to make it a stable one. Lots of changes are going to need to be made and it's going to be hard work. The good news is we are evaluating this at the right time. We have many years left before we would just have to walk away if we continue as we are doing.  And from the sounds of it, not many want to continue with just what we are doing.
Then I went to the library to their "making room" book sale and got some really good finds. Five hardcover books for five dollars and some fairly recent ones at that. I also went to the chip wagon for fries even though it was raining. So good.

Then I headed over to my old elementary school for an open house. They are tearing it down this summer in favour of a new school. It makes me sad b/c I spent many happy years there and my Poppa went there as a boy. This is the second school that I have gone to that will no longer be standing. I walked the halls that seemed so big back then with a girl who was one of my best friends then. Both of us looked at each other when we passed the taxidermy case filled with animals and said "We must have repressed that memory." In the gym there were scrapbooks. I don't who but during the years that I went there someone toke the time to cut out all the newspapers clippings about students and former students from my school. There I was with my sister Patti and our next door neighbour Allie pushing doll carriages. Darryl looking exactly the same. Zeke snow boarding. And Jay a classmate of Patti's who passed from cancer. I was amazed that some toke all that care to save those things, to know to look for our names. That is why scrapbook. As I entered my second grade class, I remembered another reason I scrapbook. My teacher Mrs R. had us scrapbook for some of our assignments. I think Mrs R. deserves a post all on her own, so here is just a quick look @ the books I made, that my mom toke the care to keep for me.
This is from my LOVE BOOK. It's funny but in my own way, I have been scrapping ever since. I have albums and albums of photos and clippings. I've been collecting, way before I toke my first scrap booking class.
Anyway, I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to say goodbye to my school but when I got home I was exhausted. I had no energy to do anything. Good thing it was raining!
I did manage to whip up this little book about my 30th b-day.

I used box board, punched holes in, covered it with paper and used ribbon to hold it all together. I used the button my family made me wear on the front cover.

I included the invite my Dad sent out from Lexi. I had to fold it up, so it would fit. I also included the funny card on the right that Liz gave me.

Added some stickers and pictures.

I'm happy with how it turned out. I have never made a mini book before and it worked out perfectly for these pictures.

Anyway, I've got to run. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Let's Capture these Sketches - 80- Bryce

Yesterday I worked on this sketch from http://letscapturethesesketches.blogspot.com/

Here is my take with the groom's nephew as the focus I love the green hat! I printed one black and white and one colour copy of the main photo. I cut out the hat and used foam to pop it up.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far. Mine has been busy!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sketchy Thursdays 5.12 Kiss

This week Sketchy Thursdays shared a double page LO.

I changed it up a bit and only used the right side of the sketch.

I really liked how it turned out. I'm still working on my Punta Cana album. It's been slow but over the last few days, between cutting the front lawn then the back, I've managed to get a few more LO's done. I really want to get it done before I start on anything else.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A baby shower gift

A few weeks ago I held a baby shower for my new niece Lexi. It was a hit. My Nana told me a couple times how lovely it was and she is the queen of party planning and execution. Anyway I made a scrapbook of the shower for the gift. I finished it this week. Here are some pictures of the finished project.

I picked this album up @ a local factory outlet. They have everything! I was also able to get all my prizes there too.

I wrote a little note on the inside of the shower invite for Alexis...telling her how much she is loved.

One of the games we played was "Don't say Baby" and if you did and someone caught you then they got your cloths pin. I wrote Alexis' name on each one.

Every shower should have food. I thought a really long time about the menu. It paid off b/c everyone enjoyed it.

Of course we had punch. I asked Nana if she would lend me her punch bowl ( which was her mom's) and she gave it to me. She figures I'll use it more than her now. She also gave me a bunch of pretty tea cups for our tea party.

I included all the cards that came with the gifts. On the inside I wrote what each person had bought.

The guest of honour! Lexi's shirt says "I love my Auntie" (left). At six weeks she was able to hold her head up to sit in her BUMBO chair (right). 

I love this little girl so much. Anyway I hope everyone has a great week. I've got a long one, three 12 hour nights starting Tuesday. YAY! So I'm just relaxing @ home today...after I vote of course.

Sketchy Thursdays 4.28 - relaxation

Hi everyone, hope your weekend was a good one. This weekend I played with Sketchy Thursdays. Still working away on those Punta Cana pics.

I spent the morning before wedding getting a many. Something I only do on vacation since nail polish is frowned upon @ work and would never last anyway. I was so relaxed I almost feel asleep in the chair. A great way to start off a perfect day.