Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday's Letter - What I'm thinking about this week.

Playing along with Ashley this week, here's what's been on my mine for the last couple weeks.
Dear GH: I hated the Franco story the first time and the second time, now you want to bring it back with a new face?? You couldn't have found a better use for Roger Howarth??
Dear hair: Have a told you how awesome you are lately?? You are so beautiful and usually do want I want. I'm so lucky.
Dear knot in the middle of my back near my shoulder blade: You have been camped out there for FIVE weeks, get lost. I'm sorry I can't help you out but I can't reach, you are going to have to move on, on your own.
Dear Bridesmaid dress: I'll be honest, I wasn't 100% sure about you when we picked you out but the other girls thought it was a good pick. Now that I have you in the right colour and the right size, I love you. I am going to look like a goddess!
Dear Night Shifts: I've got three of you this weekend....please be kind.
Dear green kitchen: Wow are you ever green but once the tile is up you are going to look amazing!
Dear blue grey living room: I am so in love with you right now, you look like a completely different room! So bright and fresh and just what I needed. I also love my art gallery wall.
Dear yoga: You are about the only time I feel graceful, so thanks for that. :)
Dear Grace: I haven't played you in awhile and I think it's time we spent some quality time together looking cool, even if we sound terrible. Next week I promise!
Dear Dad: You really are the best Dad up your weekend to paint and tile for me. Bet you'll be glad when you finally marry me off! HA just joking! kinda
Dear Dan: Thanks for playing some MMMBOP at your buck and doe, it might have made my night.
Dear Lexi: Spending part of mothers day with my best goddaughter was amazing. I love you soooo sooo very much!
Dear One Tree Hill: One word; CHUCK! I've been re-watching your wonderfulness and just have to say that Chuck kills me. He kinda annoyed me the first time around but this time he is positively hilarious. He is the quirky humour that I love so much. What the Chuck? 
That's what's going on in my life right now. Thanks for stopping by!