Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Faith Fridays - Is this a test?

Hi everyone,
Courtney Walsh is having a contest this week on her faithbooking facebook page and I decided to play along. This weeks prompt was to create a LO about a time when you were tested. I thought long and hard about this, there are many moments I could have used but this is a test that I live with everyday. Beware; this is not a pity party, this is just the truth.
Journalling reads: "Is this a test? Some might think this is silly but when you know in the very depths of your soul, that you were meant to be a wife and mother and @ 31 are still single, it sure feels like a test. Everyday can be a test, wake up alone. Have a bad day, come home to an empty house. Shovel snow, cut the grass, paint the bathroom, cook alone, eat alone, talk to yourself, no one to share sadness with, no one to share excitement with. Even though you know you are beautiful, no one to tell you, you are.No one to call handsome. And here's the thing; there is absolutely no reason why you are still single. You are a good person, a nice person who is not perfect but who is trying to figure out who she is and be that. A funny girl, a smart girl, a pretty girl, a sensitive girl, someone who will make an excellent wife and mother. So that that the only reason that you could still be single, is that this is a test. What's the lesson? Could be: Have faith, I have picked him just for you, your brothers and sisters are sure of it. Why aren't you? OR: You are stronger than you think you are. OR: All you need is ME. Okay then, have I passed yet?"

Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ten on Heartland

Hi everyone,
I'm blogging today to shares some thoughts on my new obsession. Over the last five weeks I have been obsessed with the CBC TV show Heartland. I have watched all five seasons like it was my job (only I didn't get paid and it was a whole lot more fun). Truthfully it's been too humid here to really feel like doing much more than sit under the fan. I love this show so much that I had to share these 10 thoughts on Heartland.

1. Why have I not discovered this show before? Maybe 5 years ago it might not have meant as much. One of the major themes is about finding and living your truth. Something I have been figuring out for the last year.

2. Canadian shows set in Canada are awesome!! Alberta is the perfect back-drop for this series based on the Heartland books. Plus I have loved seeing familiar faces from other Canadian shows, like Degrassi and Being Erica.

3. I really really want a pair of cowboy boots.

4. The RCMP uniform hasn't really changed in 30 years. The policemen on the show wear the same uniform my Dad wore when I was a little girl in BC. The car has changed though.

5. Canadian music ROCKS! Like this song from season five: All I need is you - Miranda Frigon

6. People and horses aren't that much different. It pays to be patient, if you pretend you have all the time in the world, things go a lot smoother. This is true with horses and people - try transferring a patient who moves poorly when you are in a rush. Doesn't work that well.

7.I really like the cloths Amy and Lou wear. Amy has some really cool shirts. I saw some similar styles in a local second hand shop. I guess I better get over my phobia of wearing other peoples shirts.

8. Here's a no brainer; communication is key. Ty and Amy's relationship is so much stronger when they talk to each other. I love the growth between these two characters. I really like that even though these characters are a good match, it hasn't always been easy but it's been worth it.

9. This show is so good that it has made me cry more than once. One time bawling my eyes out, ugly crying. And then I threw my Ty dog Skippy across the room @ the TV. If you have watched season four, you'll be able to guess which episode did it. :)

10. One of the greatest strengths of this show is its focus on relationships. Namely, the relationships within a family, blood or otherwise. This is a good family show and that's refreshing.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself until season six resumes in September. I think I might go into withdrawal.
Anyway hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. I've got a busy weekend ahead and I can't wait!