Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I haven't been blogging much (though I did write this for The Brave Girl Post about deciding I was worth fighting for) because I have been focused on a photography challenge called 100happydays. The object of the challenge was to take a photo of something that makes you happy and share it everyday for 100 days. Is it possible to be happy everyday for 100 days? The answer is YES! Though sometimes they were moments, more than days.

Even though I am an optimist, have a bubbly personality and smile most of the time, I have the tendency to dwell and worry. So this was a perfect challenge for me. A reminder that there is something to be happy about everyday. A co-worker put it well; "Yes, there is something to be happy about everyday, even if that is only that you woke up breathing today. " That doesn't mean there won't be bad days, I had a number of them while I did this challenge, a couple of them really bad. I found that it was helpful to look towards the happy, even if just for a moment.

Sometimes this challenge was difficult; what do you take a photo of when you have spent 12 hours at work today? Even if something happy happened at work - like, an old man sing show tunes to me after his surgery- I couldn't, because of the nature of confidentiality, post them. And what about after night shifts? Sometimes, even on days off, I had to think about what I was going to post. Apparently, I'm capable of making my own happiness and it is most often small simple things. I'm not as hard to please as I thought. Most of my photos can be placed in 10 categories.

Day 51. May 20th. Yummy Beignets. #100happydays #musicandslavesvaction #livingalifethatsgood — at Cafe Beignet at Music Legends Park
Day 69. Heidi's Bridal Shower. I love this girl, I have loved her since that day in Live Fit and she asked me to be her partner and introduced me to the Backstreet Boys. She was my very first friend when we moved to KW, so it's not surprising that she has made some amazing girlfriends since we met. In a month she will marry the man she has waited her whole life for, the man we dreamed about when we were teenagers. I am so excited for her and I'm really excited for Paul too. Because I know that Heidi was worth waiting for too. #100happydays #worthwaitingfor

Day 68. Spackle, not just for drywall. #100happydays #BraveGirlArtSchoolWings

Day 94. I got a two hour cuddle with my sweet smelling brand new nephew, Thomas. #100happydays #Ilovethisboy #loveatfirstsight

Day 63. Kate Morton might be my favourite author right now. Her books are lengthy (but under 500 pages, so therefore trust worthy) but can be read quickly, mostly because you can't stop. The ending to this one nearly made me gasp. #100happydays #KateMorton

Throwback Thursday
Day 81. Throw back Thursday. My Nana, my Dad, my Great Poppa, Patti, Danny and me. After a long day at work this photo makes me smile. I clearly dressed myself. And apparently as a little girl I was always cold, some things never change. #100happydays #tbt

My garden
Day 61. It is amazing how much can change in two short weeks. Before I left for holidays, my lilac trees looked like sticks, now they are in full bloom. #100happydays #lovespringflowers

Day 24. White tea and a good book is how I relax after a day shift. #100happydays #TedDekker #relax #newteamugs
Day 53. May 22nd. Old school syringes Can you imagine using these? #100happydays #musicandslavesvacation

Day 39. Yesterday's photo. A boy and his guitar. If you have known me a long time, you know that I will forever be on Team Nick. When he pulled out his guitar to play Incomplete, I almost started to cry. He has had some demons to face and it was amazing to see him happy and healthy! So proud of this Brave Dude. Plus guys and guitars are hot. #100happydays #teamnick #KTBSPA

This challenge also helped my photography skills, as I learned to look at items from different perspectives and use different settings. I also learned how to take a selfie. 

I was surprised by the feedback I received. My Aunt Shirley told me how much she loved my positive outlook. Other friends told me how much they enjoyed seeing what I would post each day. I did this for me, not realizing the impact it would have on others. 100happydays is a game changer. Do it for yourself, but I bet you'll brighten someone else's day too.