Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Riverstone Retreat

Hi Everyone!! Is everyone enjoying their summer?? Mine has been very busy so far, stuffed with bridal showers, a bachelourette party, a huge sidewalk sale downtown, a baby shower, a Supernatural marathon, volunteering in the heritage village and of course the main event - my sister's wedding. I can't wait to tell you all about Patti and Ryan's day but today I thought I would share a few shoots my Dad got of the venue - Riverstone Retreat.
Riverstone Retreat is located near Durham ON on the Saugeen River. It is a beautiful spot. The couple who own it have not done any advertising and they have 9 weddings there this year and a few family reunions. It is very Eco friendly as it is run mainly on water and wood and a lot of the materials for the buildings were found right on the property and the neighbouring farm (where they live).  They don't advertise because they believe, if you put goodness out in the world, it will attract more goodness. And it has, all by word of mouth and a few other blog posts. My sister found out from Ryan's aunt, who swims with a woman whose niece got married there. Also a women whom I go to church with, her niece got married there as well.

Ernie - the owner, is working on this new fence made from stones found on the property.

The pavilion where Patti and Ryan had their wedding reception.

The EcoNest

The Stone House - every stone was hand picked.

The Saugeen River

The camping area.

The wash house.

This is a naturally occurring aisle. We walked down it, into the forest, where Ryan was waiting for us.

The labyrinth.
This is a truly remarkable place and it was a pleasure to spend the weekend there.

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