Friday, October 26, 2012

Fridays Letters - From Spain

Dear little girl I almost knocked over in the airport - That is why it is dangerous to text and walk at the same time....keep your head up.
Dear Tania - I agree, people who don't walk on moving floors in airports are annoying.
Dear Katie - Thanks for letting me visit this week..I so needed a holiday.
Dear Malaga - I understand that you only have 60 days a year of rain...why did you have to have some of them while I was here?
Dear Carmen - Thank you for having good taste in art...I truly enjoyed visiting your collection in Malaga.
Dear Tapas - Sometimes you are weird and sometimes you are so tasty. Who knew eggplant and honey cane would go so nicely together.
Dear wedding cake church - I understand why you have a 3 year wait list for are so beautiful.
Dear Spanish bugs - Seriously? You know those bites are going to leave a mark, right?
Dear Malaga city centre - you are the most pretty at twilight.

Looking forward to the weekend!


  1. HA! Not walking on the moving sidewalk in the airport makes me want to punch people!

  2. Bloody walkers and texters annoy me - look where your going! Except of course when its me then its ok because its obviously a very important text lol. Enjoy those tapas, they're small and bite size which means you can have more of course :)

  3. Such a sweet list:)
    Popping over from Adventures of Newlyweds. Loving your blog!

    <3 Leney