Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Winter: Okay, I know we have a love hate relationship but I would much rather have cold weather and snow than this damp gross kinda warm stuff we have been having. Decide to be Winter and be it.

Dear Rain: Any other time of the year I love you, oh how much I love you, but it's time to let your brother snow shine....please let him.

Dear outdoor planter: Please stop falling over! You don't fall over when you are full of soil and flowers, what do you have against Christmas lights, pine and birch?

Dear little girl in Lawson's book store: Your delight over the beautiful angels (even though you called them fairies) at the entrance of the store made my day. Thank you.

Dear employees at the Bleeding Carrot: Your conversation about how ugly you were as babies made me smile. :)

Dear Christmas presents I ordered online: Please make it here before Christmas.

Dear Alexis: Sorry you got your expressive face from me. It will mean that everyone will know what you are thinking ALL the time, especially your family. In my defence I got it from my Poppa!

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