Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday's Letters - TV Edition

Dear Murdoch Mysteries - I have to confess that Det. William Murdoch is one handsome man but I have a soft spot for awkward cutie Con George Crabtree. I really hope that he gets the girl. 
Dear Vampire Diaries gang - I can't believe you continued to look for the cure, even when you knew there was only enough for one dose. It got Jeremy killed, you selfish little brats. And Bonnie must be the most dimwitted witch on the planet, no the universe, to think that there will not be any repercussions in bring back the's not natural and I'm pretty sure Gram would agree. I'm also pretty sure that Kol was right in not wanting to bring back Silas..again you selfish little jerks.
Dear Julie Marie Berman - I'm going to miss you on GH. But I think you are very brave to leave a good paying gig playing the daughter of super couple Luke and Laura and one half of the famed Lante pairing. Good luck in everything you do, and I hope to see your talented self across my screen once again.
Dear Prospect Ave - I think you guys are jerks for making John McBain, Todd Manning and Starr Manning leave GH. They were fitting into the show nicely. And I'm pretty sure you can't give Todd Manning the best lines on Television like GH can.
Dear Beauty and the Beast, Chicago Fire and CRACKED - I hate new girls, they always have a way of ruining things.  Alex claimed to love Vincent but when she found out what he was all she wanted to do was study him. Clarice left her husband to be with Shay, made Shay fall in love with her baby and then broke Shay's heart...again. And Detective what's her name..stay away from Aiden.
Dear Heartland - I see you are going the new girl route as well......I hope it's worth it.
Dear Gabe Hogan - You did a wonderful job playing a brain damaged ex-hockey player on CRACKED this week...Way to go!

Dear Nick Fallon - You use to be a much more sympathetic character, even when you did questionable things, like that thing with Willow Stark, or when you stalked Melanie, or when you let Melanie believe that she had killed her father, or when you almost let Mrs. Brady take the wrap for that. Then you went to jail and then you came back as a major dick. I know something happened to you there but that's not Will's fault. His baby has the right to know him, he's not perfect and has done some questionable things himself - shooting EJ in the head for one but his Dad paid for that crime. And I might remind you that Gabby isn't perfect either...she practically stalked Melanie too and almost got her killed. And if you weren't being such a jerk, I'd tell you that even you deserve much better than Gabby. Whatever it was that happened in jail, get some help and then move on.

Dear Castle - You never fail to disappoint....I love the reveal of who Castle's father is. Best line of this weeks esp "He's no Liam Nieson." "He's no Ashley Judd either. "

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