Thursday, March 3, 2011

Prayer Jar

I have always been a worrier -I think I might have been born that way- but I'm also an optimist. I'm good @ looking on the sunny side of truth if I didn't I would panic. There are times however when I'm really good @ dwelling on things that in the long run really really doesn't matter that much or that I have no control over, like that conversation or lack thereof with that guy. I send my thoughts into the world over and over and over and  it takes a long time to let them go and let GOD take care of them. As I think I mentioned before, I decided that this year I needed to pray with intent more often, not only sharing my worries but also giving thanks. I'm really good @ sharing my worries but bad @ letting them go. Pretty sure GOD must think I'm on repeat sometimes. :) I read somewhere that if you write stuff down it's easier to let them go. Cool idea but then what do you do with what you have written? I saw this idea in Scrapbooking your faith by Courtney Walsh - a prayer jar. The idea is to put all your prayers - the good, the bad and the ugly - the moment you think of them into the jar. Then the jar is a visual reminder to let GOD take care of them.
So today I made one.

So pretty and so easy. This is particularly important now that I have a brand new niece to pray for. Alexis was born on March 1st, weighing 9lbs and she was 21 inches long. I went to see her yesterday and instantly fell in love. I really wish my brother and sister-in-law lived closer. Unfortunately, she had to be under the lights so this is the only picture I have of her so far. But I assure you there will be many more to come. 

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