Friday, April 8, 2011

Sketcy Thursday 4.7

Hi all, yesterday I played with Sketchy Thursdays. I love their sketches. They also know how to show the love too and always comment on every one's blog who has played that week.
Here is the sketch

Here is my take.

These pictures are from my Punta Cana trip. I love them b/c Jenny had taken them with my camera, without me even knowing about it. I just found them on my camera a couple days later. It appears as if I might have to take a break from my Punta Cana album. What started as a very tight paid period as actually turned out not be, I've picked up 3 extra shifts. So that means I have to put aside my Punta Cana album and finish up a project I'm working on for the baby shower next weekend. I promise to share but Jess (HI JESS!) and her mom (HI KATHLEEN!) sometimes read my blog and I want to keep it a surprise. I also have to finish up favours and wrap prizes. The menu can't be done until the day before, so I really need to get the crafting and then the cleaning done defore then. So there you have it, I might be able to slip a trip LO in all the business. I hope so b/c now that I've started it, I'd just like to get it done so I can show people!
Anyway thanks for stopping by and I hope you guys have a great weekend. It looks like beautiful spring weather coming in the forecast. Maybe I'll get to wear a dress to church! :)

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