Monday, May 2, 2011

A baby shower gift

A few weeks ago I held a baby shower for my new niece Lexi. It was a hit. My Nana told me a couple times how lovely it was and she is the queen of party planning and execution. Anyway I made a scrapbook of the shower for the gift. I finished it this week. Here are some pictures of the finished project.

I picked this album up @ a local factory outlet. They have everything! I was also able to get all my prizes there too.

I wrote a little note on the inside of the shower invite for Alexis...telling her how much she is loved.

One of the games we played was "Don't say Baby" and if you did and someone caught you then they got your cloths pin. I wrote Alexis' name on each one.

Every shower should have food. I thought a really long time about the menu. It paid off b/c everyone enjoyed it.

Of course we had punch. I asked Nana if she would lend me her punch bowl ( which was her mom's) and she gave it to me. She figures I'll use it more than her now. She also gave me a bunch of pretty tea cups for our tea party.

I included all the cards that came with the gifts. On the inside I wrote what each person had bought.

The guest of honour! Lexi's shirt says "I love my Auntie" (left). At six weeks she was able to hold her head up to sit in her BUMBO chair (right). 

I love this little girl so much. Anyway I hope everyone has a great week. I've got a long one, three 12 hour nights starting Tuesday. YAY! So I'm just relaxing @ home today...after I vote of course.

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