Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Ten fun stuff I did on May 2-4 weekend.

Today I decided to play along with Kim over @ It's a Crafty Life and her Ten on Tuesday linky party. In Canada this past weekend was a holiday weekend. So I decided to share the Top Ten Fun things I did this weekend.

1. My friend Fez came over with her hubby and their daughter Miranda. While her parents were busy, Miranda and I played in my yard. It was so nice to have a little person running in my grass.

2. I got so dizzy I thought I was going to yak playing on the playground equipment @ the park with Miranda. Normally I hate being dizzy but it was nice to be dizzy b/c I was having fun and not b/c I had a migraine.

3. On the advice of a co-worker I bought a weed remover by Fiskars . Yep, the same people who make craft punches and scissors. It might take me all summer to pull the dandelions in my lawn but I will do it.
Weed Remover
4. I cleaned the outside windows to my bedroom and the spare room with this product from Windex . It's perfect for just out of reach windows and was so easy to use.

5. I discovered that the living room windows flip open on the inside, making them really easy to clean. So I cleaned them too. Okay so it only took me a year and a half to figure that out. :)

6. My cousin Roo got married and their first dance was "Give in to me" from the movie Country Strong. It was perfect and I cried.

7. My cousin Sean, the grooms brother and best man, gave the best speech. I loved that he included Roo's love of He-man as a boy b/c I remember it well. Patti and I loved She-Ra during that time. We loved them so much that for Hallowe'en one year my mom and Uncle Mat dressed up as He-Man and She-Ra and surprised us.

8. Dancing to John Cougar with my mom, Uncle Mat, siblings and cousins.

9. Dancing to "Don't Stop Believin' with most of my siblings and most of my cousins. We knew all the words. Thanks Glee!

10. Cuddles and smiles with Lexi.

I'm sad to see the weekend go. Back to it tomorrow.


  1. What a fun weekend! I had a cousin who was seriously obssessed with He-Man when he was little too. :-) And I am really going to look into that weed remover, I could use it! Thanks for linking up this week!

  2. Well, I would trust any Fiskars tool:) Funny!