Monday, April 2, 2012

31 things

Yesterday I turned 31. So here is my list of 31 things that I'm looking forward too or plan to do this year that I'm 31.

  1. Go to my oldest friend’s 30th Birthday party.
  2. Say goodbye to my One Tree Hill friends one last time and then probably re-watch all 9 seasons on DVD.
  3. Finish my first ever paying scrapbooking gig (hopefully in the next couple weeks).
  4. Soul Restoration 2 by Brave Girls
  5. Finish the rest of the Harry Potter movies with my mom.
  6. Finish reading the Harry Potter books again.
  7. Attend 3 bridal showers for my sister Patti.
  8. Plant a magnolia tree in my yard in memory of my step dad, Denis.
  9. Scrapbook more about my faith.
  10. Patti and Ryan’s Buck and Doe.
  11. Paint the deck.
  12. Be my Dad’s assistant when he puts in a new tub surround in the bathroom.
  13. A photo shoot and not a wedding related one either.
  14. Dance barefoot at my younger sister Patti’s wedding.
  15. Make an effort with those who matter and stop trying with those who don’t.
  16. Kiss my cousin Roo’s baby girl once she is here.
  17. So far I have 4 teddy bears to make.
  18. Another Supernatural marathon with my brother Tim.
  19. Learn something new, not sure what that is yet but something.
  20. Possibly a trip to Spain this fall, while my sister Katie is there.
  21. Play with Alexis, cause she’s not much for cuddling anymore.
  22. Make Alexis’ Christmas present.
  23. Spend a few days with my girl Fez and her daughter Miranda.
  24. Cry when my Dad and Sandra move (this isn’t something I’m really looking forward too but it’s gonna happen).
  25. More gum surgery, I’m only looking forward to this, in the fact that I’ll be done for awhile.
  26. Finish my “The year I was 30 scrapbook.”
  27. Another year out @ Grey Roots.
  28. Beach days with Liz.
  29. Scrapbook more of my history, for example scrapbook more old photos and also scrapbook more family stories, I’ve got a great one about my Grandma’s mom and superstition.
  30. Keep Listening
  31. Be the girl I was meant to be, even if that means I have to be different than everyone else.
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  1. Fantastic list!!! And happy belated birthday.