Sunday, April 29, 2012

My journey through Soul Restoration 2 - Week 2

Hi everyone,
This week in SR2 we were to create our mission statements with prompts from Melody. I'm going to share mine. My short mission statement is very close to Melody's, it spoke to me and I wasn't sure I could write anything better.

Short mission statement
I will remember, in all things that I do, that I want to guide my life and my decisions with these qualities that I value the most, unconditional love, unconditional faith, unconditional gratitude, optimism and authenticity.

Long mission statement

I know that I am my very best self when; I sing, when I create, when I bake, when I serve others without putting myself last and when I trust in GOD and his plan for me.

I know that because I have unique weaknesses, I need to avoid times when I am wasting time on the computer, getting sucked into media experts’ advice, engaging in destructive relationships, participating in gossip and when I allow others to determine my self worth.

I will be most a peace and happiest when I spend my personal life creating, singing, spending time with family, praying, having alone time, traveling and learning new things.

I will be most at peace and happiest when I spend my work life serving others, learning new things, making an impact and refraining from gossip.

 I will seek out times when I can use my inborn gifts to comfort others, be the family historian and memory keeper, make music and spread love.

I will take care of my body and soul in ways that are personal to me including; going to yoga, walking, enjoying the foods I love, drinking water, not stressing about every calorie, reading, singing, dancing, creating, praying, learning about my faith and spending time with family.

I know that I am meant to love and share that love with others.

I will work hard to be known as someone who lived well and loved well and never let that love go unspoken.

So there they are in a nutshell, I'm sharing them because it will help me to be accountable. So if you know me and I'm not living my mission statements, call me on it.
Love you!!

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