Sunday, January 23, 2011

Laugh out loud and vulnerability - what I learned from Boy Meets World and Shawn Hunter.

This week I re-visited my adolescence( something everyone should do now and then) and watched the 3rd Session of  Boy Meets World. I know, I know it's a big jump from The Vampire Diaries to Boy Meets World but I survived the transition. I watched the whole season in one week, and laugh, did I ever laugh! Like right in my belly laugh. I can't even really remember the last time I did that. Maybe when I was reading PS I Love You last year (way way way way better than the movie, sad sure but laugh out loud hilarious, and I did, in a crowded Dr's office). But the truth is I take life way too seriously sometimes, I needed to be reminded to laugh. To remember the care free times of my life. Boy Meets World was defiantly a care free time in my life. Every Friday night my whole family would sit and watch it, Mom, Dad, Patti and Danny, even the twins when they weren't babies anymore. Family night, I miss that. Something I hope I can continue when I meet the right guy and have a family of my own.

As any pre-teen can tell you, some of our very first crushes come from TV. I can remember my very first one, Jerry O' Connell My Secret Identity, I was maybe six years old at the time. Anyway Boy Meets World was not lacking in crushes. Both my sister and her best friend Alie -our next door neighbour - loved Shawn Hunter aka Rider Strong. If pressed I would maybe tell you I was on Team Cory but in truth I had a soft spot for Shawn Hunter. Even at 14 I wanted to bring him home, feed him a nice meal (French onion soup b/c that's all I knew how to make) and save the poor boy. It's still true. I love checking in with actors I haven't seen in awhile, so yesterday I googled Rider Strong.

And I found this blog written by himself and his brother Shiloh.  I read the would thing. Do not let his Shawn Hunter good looks fool you, this guy is smart, talented and funny. Again laugh out loud funny! I was captivated by both Rider and Shiloh's blog posts. They were real, genuine (same as real right?) and vulnerable. And while vulnerability makes me sad sometimes when I see it in old men, particularly sick ones (it makes me feel sad b/c they use to be these strong young men and now their not), it shows great strength in two "cool" young men. It takes guts to show that. It occurs to me that vulnerability was lacking in my past relationships, neither guy was able to be vulnerable with me and b/c I had been so burned by the first guy b/c I was maybe too vulnerable, I couldn't be vulnerable with the second - he wouldn't have been able to handle it anyway but this is not the point of this blog post. I wish I could be more vulnerable sometimes, particularly surrounding my faith. I'm very shy about it and I shouldn't be. It's a huge part of who I am and where I'm headed.

Back to the Strong brothers, I think you should check out their blog. I promise you will laugh and you might even learn something too. I bet you'll go back b/c I know I will.

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