Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vampires, sunshine, the civil war and Pencil Lines.

What do these have in common, one might ask?
Well that is how I spent my Sunday, in between watching Vampire Diaries and working on a LO based on Pencil Lines 219th sketch I went for a walk. Aside from beaches and sunsets there are fewer things more beautiful than the sparkling snow on a sunshine filled winters day.

There is something you should know about me, before it was cool to be "into" Vamps, I'm talking pre-Twilight - heck pre-Buffy even, I've loved vampire lore. And aside from that and Stefan and Damon of course, the Vampire Diaries has something else I love. The fictional town of Mystic Falls has a rich history surrounding the civil war..something else that I really love. I became interested in the civil war after reading a book in the sixth grade called The Root Cellar by Janet Lunn about two Canadian girls who travel to the US to try to find their friend after the war is over and bring him back to home to Canada. Since then I have always liked reading fiction set in that time period and that has lead me into my interest of slavery. I love that the town I live in was one of the last stops north on the underground railroad. Funnily enough, I'm also reading Roots right now. I love when everything connects!

As for Pencil Lines I created a LO based on this sketch.

It's called "I am what you see, I am not what they say but if I turned out to be, would you love me anyway?" It's a song by Tyler Hilton, who if you didn't know played Chris Kellar on One Tree Hill (some thing else I love). I think everyone feels this way sometimes. I know God sees the real me and I wanted to make a LO for my faithbook to remind me of that when I forget it.

I hope everyone did something they enjoy today....I know I did!

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