Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone enjoyed their night last night. I can't honestly say I'm sorry to see 2010 go. While it started off pretty great, with the best party ever...Matt and Emma's wedding, it kinda went down hill from there. I spent the first half of the year dizzy everyday before finding out they were stress migraines and then the last half of the year with joint pain (rheumatoid arthritis). On the bright side though,while neither one of these is going away anytime soon, they are both being treated and I am learning what I need to do to cope with them. People that I love have lost people who meant alot to them, my step-brother and step-sister lost their dad, my Nana lost one of her best friends and her uncle (not to mention she was also still settling an estate for a neighbour who had passed the previous year), and my Aunt lost her mom (my cousins lost their Grandma). We also lost two of the ladies that go for lunch with us on Sundays to the Boot and Blade.

Not to be one who only sees the negative though, there was some good in 2010:
Matt and Emma's Wedding.
Miranda Panda was born (she is for sure a child of my heart...Fez jokes that she could actually be mine...apparently after she was born, both Fez and her mom looked @ Randi and said "she looks like Christa").
Ollie was born.
Camping with the whole family.
My sister got engaged.

I'm really looking forward to 2011. Lots of amazing stuff is happening, my oldest friend is due with her first any day now, Jumanji will be born, I'll get to spent my 30th with my new niece, Punta Cana for Jenn and Darryl's wedding, then their recpection here and April's wedding.

I've also thought about my New Years resolutions. This year I will drink more water, I did this a few years ago and was successful. You might ask why if I thought I was successful am I doing it again...well I was successful @ drinking more water @ work but not so much @ home, so my goal is to drink more water @ home. My other resolution is to pray more...with intent. I live alone, so I talk to GOD all the time..but rarely pray with intent, so I'm going to do that more.

I also like to make wishes for the future every year but instead of wishing to be a wife and mother someday (as I said I talk to GOD alot..I don't need to wish it...he knows), I wish to be an amazing Aunt, a great sister and a wonderful friend. I wish to love more, laugh often.

I hope everyone has a laughter filled 2011.

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