Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Creative Scrappers - 134- Circle Series

More snow more scrapping. Oh how I would love to stay home tonight and not go to work. Anyway this is LO is brought to you by Creative Scrappers and their 134th sketch.

This LO is for my Faithbook. It's about a set of books I fell in love with last summer, the Circle Series by Ted Dekker. Basically they are about a man who one day falls asleep in our reality and wakes up many, many years in the future. When he falls asleep in the future he wakes back up in the present. Both realities telling him that the other is not real. He soon discovers that what he learns in one can be applied to the other. The books have strong biblical symbolism, Black basically being the fall. They are also a circle, I read them Black, Red, White and Green. Green was just in the process of being written when I started but they can also be read Green, Black, Red and White. I was very excited when I read these books last summer. They changed me.

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