Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snow Snow Snow!!!

Winter has arrived here in Canada and it came with a huge dump of snow apparently 10 inches from Wed night to Sat afternoon (a co-worker actually went out and measured it).
Here are some pictures I toke on Dec 3rd.
The pine tree on my front lawn.

This is one hearty rose, it still had one bloom on in last year at Christmas, it would probably bloom all year if it didn't get covered in snow when I shovel the deck.

The other side of the same pine tree.

A tree in the backyard of my neighbours.

This tree looks as pretty covered in snow as it does in blooms.

A tree down the street.

It had just started to snow when I shot this pic of the trees on the bluffs, only a few steps from home.

Driving in this weather can be tricky, so the snow tires are going on, on Monday. Maybe this snow will help me get into the Christmas spirit. I'm having a little trouble, since I know I have to work nights 24-26, no Christmas morning open, b/c my brother and sister will not be up when I get home and when they get up I'll be in bed. And it looks like I might miss turkey @ Grandmas with my cousins b/c it wont be ready to eat when I need to leave @ 1830. So yeah it's kinda a bummer, hopefully the nights will be reasonable and I'll get to celebrate with the other great girls who have to work too. At least I have the asureance that I will not have to work next year when Jumanji is here. I should really find something fun to do on New Years.
Another sign that winter is here...I woke up with a cold, I feel so terrible that I skipped church and I love advent! Tonight might be the perfect night to curl up and watch Twilight: Eclipse. I haven't seen it yet.
I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday.

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