Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The tickets have arrived!

I  nearly squealed with glee when the only thing in my mail box were the NKOTB BSB concert tickets I ordered a few weeks ago.
I can not wait for this show in June, it's bound to be a great time, my fave boys and my fave girl ( my best friend is going with me). I know that BSB is considered passe now but they have been my friends for a long time and in my opinion they keep getting better with age. I have often felt that they looked into my heart and wrote for me. Not too many people I know understand my love for this boy mom does and Matt does (not many get his love for NSYNC). I only hope that one day my future husband gets it, he doesn't have to love them but I hope he gets it.
I promise pictures and scrapbook LO's after the big day!

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