Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Wonderland?

Yeah, I don't think so. We have been dumped on in the last 24 hours and there is more to come. I could hardly open my kitchen door. I'm not even going to attempt to open the front door, I can imagine the drifts in front of it.

Out my kitchen door.

The drifts on the deck.

The drifts in my garden.
I was glad to hear that CPR was cancelled this afternoon. I"m not going anywhere. Not even if work calls to ask me to work tonight. Not even then. That is the only thing  I hate about living in town in the winter. I love that I am close to work and don't have far to go if it's bad but I hate that if it is bad and I'm not scheduled and others can't get to work b/c they don't live in town, that I get called to work b/c I do live in town. But you know what unless I am already working I'm not going to risk life and limb to get there b/c someone else can't, I'm not going to get thanked for it. The only thing about this thinking is that I still feel guilty b/c I know they are probably working short. I also don't want anyone to have bad feelings about me. I truly want everyone to like me. I'm learning that it's okay if everyone doesn't b/c frankly I don't like everyone either. I can get along with pretty much everyone but that doesn't mean I have to like them. I'm also learning not to apologise for putting myself one else is going to do it so I must.
Okay enough of this rant. I really do hope that it gets better out soon. Dad, Katie and I are suppose to be heading to KW to see Jumanji's 3D ultrasound on Thursday. Please let it be better soon.

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